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-Searching For Answers to the Question “Am I Pregnant?”

One of the most commonly “googled” phrases in the world is, “How will I know if I am pregnant? Although there are definite, undeniable signs once you are further along in your pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms earlier on in pregnancy can be more subtle. Not every woman will experience the same symptoms, at the same severity level either, so it is important to keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” symptom guide that is 100% accurate for all women. You may have all of these symptoms and not be pregnant or have none of them and be pregnant. All bodies are different and handle pregnancy differently.

The most straight forward symptom that a woman is pregnant is the lack of a menstrual cycle. Women menstruate to rid their bodies of the rich uterine lining that is built each month to support any potential pregnancies. If after ovulation a woman is not pregnant, that lining will be shed in the form of a monthly period. The absence of a period is a good indication that a woman might be pregnant. Be advised that it is possible for a period to be late, due to changes in stress level or diet and it is not always a guarantee that you have missed your period because you are pregnant.

Other more subtle symptoms of pregnancy include increased urination frequency and breast tenderness. Almost immediately after conception, a woman’s body begins producing different hormones at increased levels. These hormones can cause changes to a woman’s body that are fairly dramatic and immediate. Some women report that they have seen a noticeable increase in the size of their breasts and that their breasts feel heavy and tender. In addition, even in the very earliest days of pregnancy, many women find themselves feeling profoundly tired and suddenly taking naps or going to bed much earlier than they normally would. Though these symptoms may be attributable to other causes, when put all together, they point pretty strongly to a pregnancy.

Though there is no one simple symptom that works for everyone, rest assured that, before too long, you will know whether or not you are expecting a bundle of joy. Early pregnancy tests can now be taken as early as the first day of a missed period, and are much more reliable than they have been ever before.